8 Great Deals on Vegan Food in Bloomington

8 Great Deals on Vegan Food in Bloomington

Looking for budget-friendly vegan food in Bloomington?

Here are a few of our favorite options, if you know of others let us know!

Darn Good Soup

Bloomington’s favorite soup spot, Darn Good Soup, offers 1-4 vegan options every day. They’ve told us that the white bread side option is vegan. A small soup comes in under $6 including tax.

Savory Pastie at Rainbow Bakery

Everyone loves the sweets at Rainbow Bakery, but what about a savory meal? The pasties (Pass – Tee) are a savory filled dough pocket that make for a comforting meal and are $6



The Happy Vegan at Anatolia

Unlimited soup, salad, bread, rice, and tea available for $5.95 when dining in at Anatolia – wow!

Bowl of Chili at Laughing Planet

A bowl of hearty veggie chili at the Laughing Planet Cafe with a side of cornbread is totally vegan and comes in at $4.25. You can event add some vegan sour cream!

Half-Falafel sandwich at Falafels

For $4.50 you can get a half-sized falafel sandwich at Falafels Middle Eastern Grill. Going on a Monday? Get a free side of fries!

Rush Hour Station

The lemongrass tofu bahn mi at Rush Hour Station makes us swoon, and depending on your payment method it’ll cost you around $5.50. Bonus: on Thursdays you can get tofu fried rice for $6!

This American Brunch

On Sundays from 10am-11am you can score a deal on brunch at The Owlery. A Basic Breakfast + a small drink + a pancake for $10.

Cheesy Vegan Pizza at Rockit’s

Head to Rockit’s Pizza and get a small vegan pizza for $5.50!

Know of other great deals? Let us know at bloomingveg [at] gmail [dot] com or on Instagram @bloomingveg



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