Food Truck Friday at the Chocolate Moose!

Hooray for year three of Food Truck Fridays! .

Food Truck Friday at the Chocolate Moose is conveniently located downtown and has a variety of food trucks and other food vendors, live music, and of course ice cream from The Chocolate Moose (they’ve got vegan flavors!).

Here’s a list of confirmed vendors at this point in time. Not every vender is present each week so please check the Chocolate Moose Facebook page if you want to see who is there! Take a picture of your food and use #btownveg and #btownFTF

  • Rush Hour Station:: a long-time BloomingVeg favorite! Check out the dining guide for their restaurant vegan options. The offerings on the truck are usually banh mi and veggie sushi! They’re great with veg requests so just let them know you’re looking for a vegetarian or vegan meal.
  • Rasta Pops :: Their cart selection is changing all the time with tasty flavors, but many are vegan-friendly! Check them out on the dining guide.
  • Sofra Cafe :: A veg-friendly Turkish restaurant located across the street from the Chocolate Moose. While their Food Truck Friday selection is scaled down from their restaurant selection, you’ll usually find lentil patties or other vegetarian and vegan items. Check them out on the dining guide.
  • LaPoblana :: If you’ve been to Cardinal Spirits, you’ve probably see the LaPoblana truck in the parking lot. The veggie tacos and burritos are delicious! They’ve told us they use oil as opposed to butter when sauting veggies etc., but we’ll be sure to get a more detailed list of options by April.
  • Nowhere Mandrews :: We’ll be checking in with this business to see if they have any vegetarian or vegan offerings
  • The Gravy Train :: This is a meat heavy food cart, however sometimes items can be modified to be vegetarian friendly! We’ll work on getting a more concrete list before the season starts.
  • The Gyro Truck :: There are quesadillas for the vegetarians!
  • All Thai’d Up :: We’re not sure about this one yet! Check back in late March for updates!

And please don’t forget dessert! The Chocolate Moose has delicious coconut milk based vegan ice cream – see the flavors and toppings on the dining guide.

Food Truck Friday
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