About BloomingVeg

bloomingvegaBloomingVeg is an all-ages social and advocacy group for vegetarians, vegans, and veggie-lovers alike in Bloomington, Indiana!

BloomingVeg was founded in 2012, in part, to organize volunteer outings: helping at the local animal sanctuary, promoting & publicizing vegan dining options in Bloomington, leafletting, demonstrating at circuses, and engaging in other friendly efforts to help others live more compassionately.

Also, because eating is such a social aspect of our lives, we wanted to provide a venue for fun gatherings like Meatless Monday dinners at local restaurants, potlucks, holiday cookie swaps, and more amongst like-minded people! Our Facebook group is a great place to find resources and hear news about compassionate eating and living.

If you are a long-time vegan or vegetarian, just starting out, or maybe you just like eating vegan food – BloomingVeg has something for you! Want to know why people go veg? Check this out.

If you are looking for vegan & vegetarian dining options in Bloomington, the Dining Guide is very helpful, and don’t forget about special BloomingVeg resources. You can also sign up for the email list to get information based on your interests.

Interested in getting more involved? Join the Facebook group and check us out on Instagram.

Vegan Happy Hour

Various Dates, 2020
See our event page for upcoming happy hours!

How Much Water Is In Your Food?

April 28, 2019
We hosted an activity at the Kirkwood Street Fair to show how many gallons of water it takes to produce one gram of protein from beef, pork, general vegetables, and legumes. Surprise: legumes came in as the most efficient at just 5 gallons per gram of protein as opposed to beef which requires 29 gallons per gram of protein (via waterfootprint.org)

Vegan Cheese Tasting: A Fundraiser for Uplands PEAK Sanctuary

September 16th, 2017

Read more about it >>

Various Potlucks



Advocacy & Outreach


Various Events

June – July 2015

Veggie Photo Booth

July 4th, 2015

Various Potlucks


Earth Week 2015


Meatout Day

March 20th, 2015



Events 2014

Various Potlucks



Vegan Restuarant Labeling Project

March 2014

The Owlery Restaurant, Anatolia, Falafels, Soma, Rainbow Bakery, Taste of India, Bombay Cafe (now Amrit India), Darn Good Soup, Rockit’s Famous Pizza, Laughing Planet, Taco Rocket, India Garden, Chocolate Moose

Bloomington “Circus Pages” Circus Protest

March 2014 & March 2015

Compassionate Cookshop

July 19th, 2013
at the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center


Sampling of Nondairy Milks


Veg Fund helped us provide free samples of nondairy milks to customers at Bloomingfoods!


Uplands PEAK work Day

JULY, 2013


Past BloomingVEG Events

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  • October 21st – Vegan Chili Cook-Off and Potluck
  • September 25th – Veg Around the World Potluck
  • June 2nd – The Magnificent Vegan Salad Bar Potluck
  • April 28th – Tacos & Nachos Potluck
  • April 17th – Vegan Drinks
  • February 10th – Vegan Mac & Cheese Potluck


  • December 9th – Potluck and Holiday Cookie Exchange
  • October 28th – Family Friendly Halloween Potluck
  • October 22nd – Plants Under Pressure (Pressure Cooking Potluck)
  • September 24th – Carpool to Uplands PEAK
  • August 20th – Picnic Potluck
  • June 18th – Carpool to Uplands PEAK
  • April 8th – Tomato Potluck
  • February 18th – Vegan Brunch Potluck


  • December 10th – Annual Holiday Potluck and Cookie Swap
  • October 22nd – Potluck & Pumpkin Carving
  • September 11th – Annual “Veg Around the World” potluck inspired by Lotus Festival
  • June 11th – Hosted a yard sale to benefit Uplands PEAK Sanctuary
  • June 7th – Taco Themed Potluck
  • February 27th – Pizza Party Potluck – BYO Toppings
  • January 30th – Vegan Mac & Cheese Potluck


  • December 12th – Annual Holiday Potluck and Cookie Swap
  • December 3rd – Carpooled to the Indiana Animal Rights Alliance annual Ringling Brothers Circus Protest
  • November 11th – Dine Out: Upland Brewery
  • October 29th – Trick-or-PEAK: Benefit Concert for Uplands PEAK Animal Sanctuary
  • October 24th – Potluck & Pumpkin Carving
  • September 27th – Fun Run Fundraiser for Uplands PEAK Animal Sanctuary
  • September 21st – Meatless Monday: Falafels Middle Eastern Grill
  • August 29th – Tabled at PRIDE Summerfest
  • August 22nd – Tabled at the Farmers’ Market
  • August 20th – Back to School leafleting at IU Culture Fest
  • August 17th – Meatless Monday: Rush Hour Station
  • August 15th – Carpool to Uplands PEAK Family Fun Day
  • July 20th – Meatless Monday: The Owlery
  • July 11th – Yard Sale to benefit Uplands PEAk
  • July 4th – Walked in the 4th of July Parade
  • July 4th – Potluck
  • June 29th – Vegan Drinks @ Cardinal Spirits
  • June 15th – Meatless Monday: Anatolia
  • June 1st – 2 year anniversary! Ice cream social at The Chocolate Moose
  • May 18th – Meatless Monday: Laughing Planet
  • May 2nd – Potluck
  • April 25th – Food for Thought – interactive water usage display at the Farmers’ Market
  • April 21st – Cowspiracy screening
  • April 16th – Pizza party benefiting Uplands PEAK
  • March 21st – Meatout Day – free food sampling at Bloomingfoods
  • March 17th – Proposal to be a part of the Center for Sustainable Living
  • February 28th – Meeting at Rainbow Bakery
  • January 12th – Dineout at Laughing Planet


  • December 13th – Tabling at the Bloomington Winter Farmers’ Market
  • December 6th – Holiday Potluck and Cookie Swap
  • December 4th – Carpooled to Indianapolis for Ringling Bros. Circus Protest
  • November 14th – Took part in the 10 Billion Lives Tour
  • October 21st – Planning Meeting & Burrito Fest at Laughing Planet
  • October 4th – Apple Picking at Appleacres
  • September 21st – Family Potluck & Play Time at Bryan Park
  • September 20th – Around the World in Vegan Foods Potluck
  • August 16th – Tabling at the Bloomington Farmers’ Market
  • July 19th – Family Potluck & Play Time at Bryan Park
  • June 7th – Uplands PEAK Grand Opening!
  • May 24th – World Wide “Empty The Tanks” protest in Indianapolis
  • May 10th – Spring Fling Potluck
  • April 17th – Pizza Party at Max’s Place
  • April 29th – Watched Bold Native at IU Cinema
  • March 1st – Vegan Restaurant Labeling
  • March 15th – Bloomington Circus Protest
  • February 2nd – Yoga for Animals @ Know Yoga Know Peace
  • February 8th – Taco Potluck
  • January 30th – Dinner at the Owlery!


  • December 14th – Holiday Party & Cookie Swap
  • December 5th – Carpool to Indianapolis Ringling Bros. Circus Protest
  • November 10th – Uplands PEAK Workday
  • November 9th – Non-dairy milk taste testing [giving out free samples to patrons at Elm Heights Bloomingfoods]
  • October 16th – Bloomingfoods Elm Heights Vegan Products Tour
  • October 13th – Pie Potluck!
  • September 28th – Uplands PEAK Workday
  • September 18th – Flyerpalooza! [hanging BloomingVEG flyers around Bloomington]
  • September 7th – Hungry Hungry Herbivores potluck
  • August 31st – Uplands PEAK Workday
  • August 24th – Meal Prep to donate to Habitat for Humanity volunteers
  • August 22nd – Leafleting on campus
  • July 20th – Uplands PEAK Work Day
  • July 19th – Compassionate Cookshop at the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center
  • July 10th – Check out Live Music at Rachael’s Cafe
  • July 7th – Holiday Brunch at the Owlery
  • June 22nd – Outreach at Taste of Bloomington [handing out sheets with info about veg options]
  • June 20th – Burritofest @ Laughing Planet
  • June 19th – Summer Cookout
  • June 6th – A Midsummer Night’s Dream at 3rd Street Park
  • June 1st – Kickoff picnic