Dining Guide FAQ

Q: How do you define “vegan” and “vegetarian” on the dining guide?

A: “Vegetarian” options should be free of meat (including poultry and fish), and by-products of slaughter such as bone broth. “Vegan” options should be vegetarian in addition to being free of dairy (including whey, casein, etc.), eggs, gelatin, honey, and other animal-derived products.

Q: How do you decide what restaurants get listed on the dining guide?

A: First someone needs to recommend that we reach out to a restaurant, or the restaurant can reach out to us. If you make a recommendation, BloomingVeg volunteers will email or call the restaurant to get a full listing of options. We prefer to list places that have both vegan and vegetarian options, especially when those options are always present (as opposed to having to call ahead before going).

Q: How does a restaurant get listed as a “favorite”?

A: If a restaurant is entirely vegetarian, entirely vegan, or goes above and beyond to offer vegan options. “Above and beyond” is somewhat subjective, so it really comes down to what the majority of BloomingVeg members decide.

Q: Why isn’t X restaurant listed?

A: Either you haven’t recommended them (we can’t keep track of *all* the restaurants in town – there are so many!) or they don’t have options available. If a restaurant would like to start incorporating veg*n options into their menu, they can reach out to us.

Q: Why aren’t chain restaurants listed?

A: For now we’re focusing on local restaurants. This is partly because we love our local businesses, and partly because the internet is full of information about veg options at chains. We do have a page with some information about a few of the chains you’ll find in Bloomington and you’re welcome to make suggestions to add to that page.

Q: Do you inspect the restaurants?

A: Currently we do not go inspect restaurant kitchens to ensure their options fit our definitions of vegetarian or vegan. We’d love to be able to do that, but for now we’re trusting chefs and managers. For that reason, the dining guide should not be used for individuals with allergies; please call ahead. Someday we’d like to incorporate this into a “Friends of BloomingVeg” program!

Have other questions? Email bloomingveg@gmail.com