Why Veg?

Members of BloomingVeg make food choices based on a variety of perspectives. We’ve put together a list with much information provided from other resources, which you can find on the “Read More” links. Here is a sampling:

For Animals

Many people make food choices based on their concern for the treatment of non-human animals. We have evidence that most animals, especially vertebrate, have the capacity to suffer, and will seek pleasure over pain. Our compassion for companion animals like dogs and cats expands to traditionally farmed animals. Similar to how many people oppose dog-fighting because they feel dogs have the right to avoid that harm, people with plant-based diets extend that consideration to traditionally farmed animals. Read More >>

For the Planet

Animal agriculture is the single greatest human-caused source of greenhouse gases, land use, and land degradation; the number one source of freshwater pollution, and the leading driver of rainforest destruction. It is also a major cause of air pollution, habitat loss and species extinction, and is a highly inefficient use of limited natural resources. The United Nations recommends a meat-free diet for the planet. The Center for Biological Diversity recommends avoiding meat to help slow the currently rapid species extinction around the world. Read More >>

For our Health

In 2009, the American Dietetic Association the oldest and largest organization of nutrition professionals on the planet published the findings from their 10 year meta-analysis of diet and disease, in which they concluded that a vegan diet is appropriate for people during all stages of life, including infancy and pregnancy. At the same time, the consumption of meat, dairy and eggs is consistently linked to the leading causes of death in the U.S. and globally, with more diet-related diseases than communicable now killing humans worldwide. Read More >>

For People

Going veg isn’t just good for animals, your personal health, and the environment, it also benefits other people! Read about slaughterhouse worker issues, factory farm worker issues, and world hunger.

Interested? Order a free starter kit from Vegan Outreach or Mercy for Animals