5 Must-Haves for Vegans in Bloomington

5 Must-Haves for Vegans in Bloomington


1. A Bar of Soapy Soap

Soapy Soap Company makes soaps right here in Bloomington! They also sell lip balms and a few other products, all vegan! We’re big fans.

2. Mallow Chip Cookie from Rainbow Bakery

It’s required that all vegans visit Rainbow Bakery, and once you get this marshmallowy, chocolatey, gluten-free cookie you’ll be totally addicted!

3. Vegan Ice Cream from The Chocolate Moose

The Chocolate Moose is near and dear to our hearts. Their vegan, homemade flavors include strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and a rotating selection like coffee, grasshopper, and banana. Try a milkshake with almond milk!

4. Poutine from The Owlery Restaurant

Everything from The Owlery Restaurant is delicious, but where else Indiana can you get totally vegan poutine!?

5. Hairstyle from Royale Hair Parlor

Ask about the cruelty free styling products at this hip and welcoming beauty salon, Royale Hair Parlor!