Vegan Pizza

Vegan Pizza

Vegan. Pizza.

That’s right, vegans don’t miss out on this essential. Here’s where you can get vegan za around town, plus a couple recipes to make pizza at home!

Aver’s Pizza

At Aver’s the crust and several sauces are vegan. Take off the cheese and add all the veggies you want and you’ve got yourself a vegan pie! Try the Cuban Black Bean with no cheese, or do a Build Your Own. For the full list of vegan sauce options see our dining guide. They have three locations, and if one pizza just isn’t enough you can get vegan za, sticks, and salad from the buffet at the east side location.


Aver’s Pizza

Bucceto’s Smiling Teeth

The gluten-free crust is certified vegan, that plus the “tomato sauce” (not default pizza sauce) and veggies makes for a delightful vegan pizza experience. They’ve got a few non-pizza vegan dishes too, in case you’re not a pizza person (hey, it’s your life). Check out the full list here on the dining guide, they have two locations!

Da Vinci

The newest addition to Bloomington’s pizza scene. They feature the “vegana” pizza on the menu with vegan cheese and sausage, but you can mix and match other toppings to veganize most pizzas. They also have pasta and vegan meatballs. See more on the dining guide.

Pizza X

If you live on or near IU’s campus, you are probably quite familiar with this one. If you’ve gone vegan since college don’t worry, you can still enjoy this student essential. The dough and several sauces are vegan, add veggies and you’re set! Check ’em out on the dining guide, they’ve got four locations in Bloomington.

Rockits Famous Pizza

The only pizza joint in Bloomington to offer vegan cheese! You can get any pie with marinara, daiya (or no cheese at all) plus veggies. Ask about the vegan pepperoni and consider yourself lucky if it’s available when you’re there! Especially delicious late at night, and don’t pass up the stix! Check it out on the dining guide.

Rockit’s Pizza


Lennie’s offers a variety of pub food, but the pizza really shines at their new Kirkwood location with a wood fired oven. Try the vegan supreme or create your own. Check it out on the dining guide.

Azzip Pizza

A fast-casual option on the east side offering faux meat and cheese! See the options on the Dining Guide.



We highly recommend the local faves listed above, but if you find yourself looking for chain pizza there’s plenty. The dough and sauce at Little Caesar’s is good to go, same with Papa John’s. For a full list of chain pizza vegan offerings check out this guide from Peta.


Making pizza at home is fun! Here are a handful of recipes we like:

  • Vegan Pizza Crust  (Gluten-Full)
  • Vegan Pizza Crust (Gluten-Free)
  • Simple Vegan Pizza from Minimalist Baker
  • For cheese we recommend Follow Your Heart, Chao, or Daiya. Or, go no cheese at all and just be sure you’ve got some other source of fat on the pizza: olive oil, avocados, etc. You can also make your own with recipes from The Gentle Chef or other cookbooks.
  • Don’t wanna make crust? There are some vegan store-bought crusts plus you can use bagels, english muffins, tortillas, etc!

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